Shamanic Therapy

If you have deep seated emotional blocks, recurring unwanted patterns, past life issues, have lost focus or direction or feel that people or current situations are affecting your energy then a shamanic treatment is for you. A shamanic healing session is a very deep and transformational experience which includes a deep process where you will be encourage to participate and a relaxing energy balance.



Cost is £60.00 for 1½ hours which will involve at least one main process.


Shamanic energy balance for 1 hour is £35.00 and can be used as an introduction or as a follow up session.



Have you been feeling a little off centre, having difficulties sleeping, or just not feeling like you? If the answer is Yes then book a Reiki session today. Reiki energy works at emotional, spiritual, physical and mental levels and will provide balance where needed as the whole of you is treated rather than your symptoms. I channel this pure energy to you allowing the reiki to work by clearing blockages in your energy and bringing in a state of clarity. Reiki will go exactly where it is needed so as well as being good for pre-existing conditions it is also beneficial as an aid to relaxation and maintaining a good balance.


Your investment is £30.00 for 1 hour

Crystal Therapy

Are you frustrated, fearful or wishing you could break through the barriers of limiting beliefs and start to achieve your goals? If yes then book in for Crystal therapy, a wonderfully relaxing treatment using beautiful crystals that have been given to us by Mother Earth. Each stone has a different property and resonates with us in a different way providing exactly what is required to facilitate our own healing at that moment in time. Some crystals are energising so can be used to stimulate the body and provide energy whereas others have a calming effect and can calm an overactive area.  I will select crystals for you based on a consultation detailing your needs at the time and my intuition.


Your investment is £60.00 for 1½ hours

Vibrational Essence Therapy

Challenges, worries, grief, sadness, loneliness, lack of confidence or to help with everyday changes vibrational essences can help with numerous conditions. They are suitable for everyone including animals and children and can be used even if you take prescriptive medication.

They work by enhancing the positive qualities of what is affecting us to bring about a balancing effect that enhances our wellbeing.

Following an in depth consultation essences will be selected. I will then carry out a healing using the essences and provide a bottle for you to take home to continue to use after your treatment.



Your investment is £60.00 for 1½ hours (including essence)

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