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Crystal therapy is a wonderful treatment using beautiful crystals that have been given to us by Mother Earth. The aim of the treatment is to bring harmony and balance into your life at all levels mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. It is suitable for breaking through limiting beliefs and to change old limiting patterns. The treatment is given lying down on a couch. You are fully clothed and crystals are placed on and around you and they will stay on you for approx. 1 hour although some crystals may be removed and others added during that time. During the treatment you may be aware of colours or sensations and clients often fall asleep as the treatment is very relaxing.

Each stone has a different property and resonates with us in a different way providing exactly what is required to facilitate our own healing at that moment in time. Crystals form in different ways deep within the Earth even if they are made from the same mineral or combination of minerals so each crystal works in a slightly different way. Some crystals are energising so can be used to stimulate the body and provide energy whereas others have a calming effect and can calm an overactive area. They can be used to assist with pain management and other physical ailments. I will select crystals for you based on your consultation, your needs at the time, how you are feeling emotionally and my intuition and deep knowledge of working with the energy of individual stones.

The crystals are not only beautiful but have an amazing quality and energy. They are used in modern medical settings, for example in ultrasound machines where the crystal produces a sound wave. The benefit of sound in medical surgery is now being discovered and Shamans have long known of the benefit of combining these two healing modalities. I may use Tibetan singing bowls within your treatment if I feel sound is required. The treatment is very powerful and relaxing and it is advisable to rest as much as possible after the treatment to allow the crystals to do their work and the energy changes in your body to settle.



Your Investment for a treatment lasting 1½ hours is £60.00


I also offer an introduction to crystals workshop.

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