Reiki is a safe and gentle technique that involves harnessing the life force energy that exists all around us. Reiki treats all of you and not just your symptoms or ailments so it can assist in the treatment of almost all conditions including easing the pain of long term or chronic disease. The energy works at emotional, physical, spiritual and mental levels and will provide balance where it is needed as the whole of you is treated rather than your symptoms. I will channel this pure energy to you and the Reiki works by clearing away the blockages in your energy and bringing in a state of clarity so that you can totally relax and identify what is causing you to be out of balance. It allows you to see the changes you need to make in your life and can empower you to move forward in a safe way. Reiki will go exactly where it is needed so as well as being good for pre-existing conditions it is also beneficial as an aid to relaxation and maintaining a good balance within. It is a totally safe form of healing which can be used with traditional and other holistic forms of treatments.

The treatment is given either lying down on a couch or sat in a chair whichever is more comfortable for you, and you are fully clothed. I then place my hands non-intrusively in a sequence of positions over the body, normally not touching, so that the whole body is covered with this beautiful energy. Every treatment is personal and individual to you allowing you to receive what is appropriate for you at that moment of time empowering the body to heal and supporting it back into balance. I trained as a spiritual healer for 3 years and this is the foundation for all of my treatments and training. I work closely with guardian angels and my Spiritual Reiki guide as I know I am only a channel for this amazing energy and that this healing is coming from a higher source. Everyone experiences Reiki differently some people find themselves in a deep meditative state, others sleep whilst others feel rejuvenated and energised. The treatments are as unique as we are and I sometimes incorporate smudge, essences, crystals and Tibetan bowls or sound where appropriate. Reiki is totally safe and is suitable for children, adults and animals.


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I also teach Reiki see my workshops and training page for details.


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