Shamanic Healing

If you are struggling with recurring health concerns, unwanted patterns, past life issues, have lost focus or direction or feel that people or current situations are affecting your energy then a shamanic treatment is for you. The session is a very deep and transformational experience which includes a deep process where you will be encourage to participate and a relaxing energy balance.

I use drums, rattles, sage and working with the gifts of Mother Earth like Stones, crystals and essences during your treatment. I use these tools and my connection to the spiritual realms to channel energy and seek guidance for you which allows you to become more rooted to Mother Earth, release the blocks holding you back and more connected to your inner guidance and wisdom. There are many processes and prior to your treatment I will carry out a full consultation to select the most appropriate treatment for you. Treatments may include


  •  Soul retrieval used when we feel unbalanced like part of us is missing usually following a trauma.


  •  Sword cleansing involves removing energetic imprints from this life and past lives and also deeply cleansing the aura from emotional or mental imprints


  • Illumination to remove deep seated emotions that are held within our bodies


  • Past Life work to remove patterns or behaviour traits from previous lives that hold us back


  • Removing the archetype in your life often useful if someone has had an overbearing influence in your life


  • Cutting of ties involves severing unhelpful energetic links to another person, not only past lives but this life. Often useful to carry out after a relationship has ended or if someone is holding you back.



  • Dismemberment for when you are feeling stuck in your life or need to shake things up. It can also be used in spiritual work to assist your energy moving to a higher vibration.


  • Ancestral work to heal the family patterns in your life.


  • I may also journey for you to seek guidance or to connect you with your power animal.


Cost is £60.00 for 1½ hours which will include at least 1 main process.


Shamanic energy balance is £35.00 for 1 hour and can be used as an introduction to Shamanic therapy or as a follow up session.



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