Vibrational Essence Therapy

Are the same mental thought patterns still dominating your mind, are you feeling emotions bubbling under the surface or are you feeling slightly out of sorts although you are not sure why? If this sounds like you then why not give Vibrational Essence Therapy a try? Vibrational essences are the energetic imprint of flowers, plants, trees, crystals or other natural sources held in water and a preservative.

Some are made using animal energy or a particular Goddess or deity energy which is channelled to make the essence.Because flower essences are working at a vibrational level they can be used for personal guidance, to assist us with connecting to plants and spirits, to break Karmic or past life patterns as well as the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental spectrum they are known for. The first and best known ones are Bach who made Bach flower remedies and Bach rescue remedy. I use a number of different providers and as a qualified essence practitioner I also make, use and sell my own essences. They are suitable for everyone including animals and children and can be used even if you take prescriptive medication.They work by enhancing the positive qualities of what is affecting us to bring about a balancing effect that enhances our wellbeing.

During the appointment i will carry out a comprehensive consultation with you looking at the various underlying themes within your life. I will then select a number of essences to use based on dowsing, my experience, pattern matching, chakra inbalance and my intuition. I will then carry out a healing for you using these products in your energy fields and a bottle of essence will be provided to take away.


Your investment is £60.00 for 1½ hour including the essence.



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