Thanks for the last two days. It has been awesome to do reiki 1 with you and generally chatting too. Tomorrow will be weird and I will miss you. Have a wonderful week. See you soon. x

CM Somerset


I have had the privilege of working with Pauline on an individual and group basis since meeting earlier this year.

Pauline provides a safe environment whilst encouraging you to push boundaries. She works with utter integrity and whilst extremely knowledgeable, doesn't take herself too seriously. The depth and breadth of Pauline's knowledge is amazing, as is her willingness to share it with others and she is a genuinely kind and caring person who has helped me work through some difficult and challenging times. I really admire Pauline's ability to put people at ease, particularly when talking about healing, she doesn't waffle 'new-age' stuff at people but listens, asks questions and offers a quiet alternative perspective.

If you are looking for healing or help, contact Pauline, you won't regret it xx


 Mrs T, Somerset


I was lucky enough to be given a Crystal Therapy treatment while I was staying at Caalm Camp. Pauline, the therapist, came to our Yurt and gave me the most wonderful , calming , intuitive treatment. I cant recommend her highly enough. Don't hesitate to book a stay here, and a treatment too .It's fantastic.

Ms C

Staines UK


We took advantage of the treatments offered by Pauline during our stay at Caalm Camp - I had a lovely, relaxing massage and my partner "walked with her ancestors" and said that it was a fantastic experience.

Ms S E



Hi Pauline I have recieved my pendulum. Its lovely thank you very much. xx



Thank you thank you thank you. My beautiful pendulum arrived this morning.  Makes getting my boys ashes easier now. The workmanship is stunning and cannot thank you enough for the response and rapid delivery. Thank you again xx




Dear Pauline


 Thank you so much for the course, it’s been a really profound experience.

 It feels amazing to really connect with the chakras & to know how powerful they are!


 Dianne Glastonbury



Huge thank you for the lovely massage-it was bliss



Wanted to say thanks for this morning. Spending a morning with you is like having a weeks holiday in the sun.

CT Somerset


Just wanted to say how enjoyable this morning was, you were fab and I felt so relaxed this afternoon after my Reiki session

JW Somerset


The Reiki 1 training was not what i expected it was so much more! I got so much out of this course with my own development on my spiritual path. I feel confident to perform Reiki on myself and my children. I also feel wonderful from the Reiki I received.

JK Dorset


The Reiki 1 training was more than i expected and i totally enjoyed the experience my intention was to gain as much knowledge as i could and i feel i have done that.

AP Somerset



The weekly chakra course was so much more than i expected and i have thoroughly enjoyed every week. I am more in tune with my body and my emotions and have processed a lot of emotions including guilt, sadness, trauma and memories. I have realised more about myself and how i feel and i am excited about moving forward, feeling more balanced.

HB Dorset


The weekly chakra course has taken me on an emotional rollar coaster and helped me to understand myself and deal with others around me. I feel more grounded and strong and i am able to speak more freely and not hold back. I am more open spiritually and look forward to my next steps on this journey.

MP Dorset


It was an absolute pleasure to meet you on Monday, it felt like coming home. My treatment was brilliant, it was completely compelling, profound, emotional and very powerful. I am very excited to see how my life is affected. I can see the change in how i feel and my interaction with others. thank you very much.

CA Taunton


Absolutely superb reading tonight with Firestar and looking forward to the next step on my healing journey

TD Dorset


Off for some much needed 'me-time', to see my amazing, magic, shamanic warrior Wonder Woman Pauline Elsworth, of Firestar Therapies this morning... Can't wait to see what we work on this time. I'm always 'transformed' when I've seen her!

AT Taunton


So.... Today was a great day! I had another incredible Shamanic treatment at Firestar Therapies with Pauline Elsworth. A very gifted woman, whose expertise and... talents I can't rate highly enough.
She helped me realise who I really am, and what I'm capable of, and that is SUCH a liberating feeling!
IA very big day for me!

AT Taunton


Thank you Pauline Elsworth for a fabulous year walking the wheel of the year, Glastonbury was the icing on the cake xx anyone thinking of doing this course should stop thinking and just do it!

CT Somerset


I can TOTALLY vouch for this Shamanic treatment. I've been visiting Pauline Elsworth at Firestar Therapies for a while now, and during my latest visit on Monday, my life has been utterly transformed.
If you're willing to go the distance, and love yourself through and through, then gave a Shamanic Treatment.
I can finally live the life I deserve; only 40 years late!!

AT Taunton


Pauline’s Chakra course is a wonderful introduction to all aspects of alternative healing.  Whilst concentrating on chakras and energy flow, Pauline introduces working with crystals, colour, meditation, auras, sprays and essences.  It is a great course for self-healing, meeting new people and as a springboard into other courses.  This is an excellent start to getting back on the right path for you.
PB Dorchester
I have recently completed my Reiki 2 with Pauline and I am rocking!  I feel like I could heal the world! For me, Reiki 1 was very much about personal healing.  With Reiki 2 I am totally inspired and with Pauline’s help, I feel very capable of being able to heal others, and prepared with all the practical aspects that go into it.  Pauline’s teaching is in depth, spiritually and from a practical point of view.  I am confident in my ability and know that this is based on a firm foundation.  Thank you Pauline :)
PB Dorchester



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