Working with Earth & Plant Energies

Flower and Plant Essences

Taking ourselves deeper into the plant world we will look at flower and plant essences and the opportunities these offer us to regain our inner balance and how they can support us in our daily lives. We will discover the various essences available , look at the history and explore the different ways to use them. We will also look at making our own essences and finally we will expand our awareness and intuition to the magic of plants as we meet them in mediation and explore their magical uses.



Making a magical herbal pouch


During this workshop we will connect to the magical energy of herbs. In ancient times, herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic. Herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries and are one of the tools of witches. We will explore a few herbs and their uses using the ancient ways. We will then select a number of herbs to assist us with a particular issue and make these into a magical herbal pouch. This course only involves the magical use and no herbs will be consumed or ingested. If you wish to use them in this way please consult a herbalist.

Aromatherapy : Plants natural wellbeing


 We will explore the wonderful natural scents of aromatherapy essential oils. An essential oil is the 100% natural fragrant essence that is extracted from the flowers, leaves, barks, roots and berries of a plant. We will look at various oils ,how they are made, the history, how to use them and their therapeutic uses. We will explore the notes of essential oils and how we can select them for wellbeing. We will finish with a practical session making essential oil blends

Connecting to the energies of Trees

 During this workshop we will connect to the wild and powerful energy of trees. Hugging a tree may have been looked on as a strange practice, but it has now been validated by science to be incredibly beneficial for us. Contrary to popular belief, hugging – or even just being in the vicinity of a tree can boost your health in many ways. We will be out on the land and working with the energies of different trees. Each tree has a different energy and they often have wisdom to impart, knowledge to give and healing to offer us.

Introduction to Dowsing

Dowsing, also known as ‘divining’ is a normal and natural ability that we all have to some degree. Through dowsing we can bring information from our intuitive and subconscious minds into our conscious mind. To put it simply, we can find answers to questions that we don’t consciously know the answer to. I will teach you how to dowse with a pendulum, teaching how to centre yourself, tune in to your pendulum and the ethics to observe. We will then have plenty of opportunity to practise including working with essences, foods and dowsing our chakras and energy fields. There will be pendants available to use on the day and Gavin my husband also makes a number of wooden pendants which will be available to purchase.

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