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Reiki 1


The ability to learn Reiki is transferred to you via attunements which allows you to tap into the unlimited supply of life force energy. I offer workshops either in small groups or on a one to one basis.

It is an amazing, wonderful discipline to learn both for the benefit of yourself and your family and friends. No previous experience or knowledge is required and full manuals are provided at all levels. I teach Reiki in the traditional way with a number of attunements, as a spiritual training so you will be working with energy and your Reiki guides and over 2 days so there is plenty of time to ask questions and practise your skills.


Level 1 is taught over 2 days and will introduce you to this wonderful healing energy and include:


The attunements

The history of Reiki

Reiki lineage

The Chakras, aura and meridian system and how they are used in Reiki

Reiki principles

Self treatment

Connection to your Reiki guide

How to carry out a full treatment on family and friends.

How to use Reiki on a daily basis to enhance your life

Continued support

Follow up meeting to answer any questions.


Reiki level 1 allows the Reiki to flow through you and this will start your own healing and personal development.



Your investment for this is £160.00 for the 2 days.

Reduction if you book with a friend




Reiki 2



Reiki Level 2 allows you to carry out treatments on others and starts the process of becoming a practitioner or it can be taken to further your own personal development and open you up more to your spiritual gifts.

Level 2 is taught over 2 days and includes


The attunement to 3 Reiki symbols

Learning the 3 sacred Reiki symbols, how to draw and visualise them

Carrying out treatments using the 3 sacred Reiki symbols

How to use the 3 sacred Reiki symbols in your daily life for space clearing, blessing food, plants, situations, events, electrical equipment and much more.

How to send absent healing to people and situaions using different techniques


During this Reiki II degree workshop you will be given three of the Reiki symbols and taught how to send distant healing which can also be sent to heal the past, present & future

This very informative course is held over 1 day & you will be taught:

Three of the sacred Reiki symbols and each of their specific functions
How to use these symbols as a focus to enable you to strengthen mental & emotional healing
How to use these symbols not only in your healing but also in your everyday life, around your home, on your food, and also to future events in your life i.e. interviews
How to send absent healing over time and also space even to people in different countries

You will also be taught the ethics of becoming a Reiki practitioner and help will be given with the setting up, insurances etc., to help you with your own Reiki practice.





Your investment for this is £180.00 for the 2 days



Reiki Refresher Training or Advanced Practitioner Training


If you had a reiki attunement a while ago or have not used your reiki for a while for £50.00 I offer a half day Refresher Day for you to consolidate and practise your skills.


I also offer a half day advanced practitioner session if you have been qualified in Reiki 2 for a while and would now like to become a practitioner. This covers how to set up a session, client consultations, insurance, etics and lots more.  


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