Womens Workshops

 Finding and reclaiming your feminine power
This workshop uses breathe work, meditation, visualisation, healing, dance and lots more to find the places within you where you can begin to feel and reclaim your power. Our sacred feminine power is much more than our intuition it is the place where we can tap into our internal flow and to find the dance of life within us. We can then use this and show it to the world. Are you ready for your roar to be heard?
Reclaiming your wild maiden
This workshop uses visualisation, art work, crafting, play, healing, movement and fun to heal your inner child and reclaim your wild maiden self. With Compassion we will explore areas in our lives where we conform or rebel and by bringing love and respect to our core level then we can begin to make changes in our everyday life.
 Menarche workshop and ceremony
This beautifully healing day is for all women and girls who have periods or who have had them in the past and who are now holding their blood. Our monthly blood can be a source of pain, embarrassment, shame, fear or be connected to derogatory words. If you feel like this about your moontime or have ever felt like this then this workshop is for you. An opportunity for you to heal this places within and reclaim your cycles and wisdom. We will use various techniques during this workshop and hold a ceremony for each other to celebrate our menarche.
I can also conduct the ceremony part of this workshop for girls who are having their first moon blood and I offer moon parties to honour and celebrate this event.

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