I offer beautiful, professional, affordable ceremonies that are tailor made to meet your personal requirements for every occasion. . This is your personal day and your memories will be held forever in your heart so all ceremonies are individually prepared and written after meeting with you and discussing your own requirements. I am a shamanic practitioner and I can hold ceremonies in sacred space honouring the elements and using the ancient ancestors as your witness or I can offer ceremonies where your friends or family can be your witness. Some ceremonies may only be for a couple of people whereas some ceremonies can be for many more the choice is yours. I can hold ceremonies in your garden, parks, farms, beaches, village halls and also at sacred sites again there are many choices. Sometimes we need to say goodbye to the past or even welcome in the new energy of the future and a ceremony gives us a fixed point where we can acknowledge the changes. Ceremonies can be created for any life event including birthdays, hen parties, following separation or divorce, anniversaries, change in circumstances, rites of passage, honouring the seasons or celebrating after an illness. The occasion can be shared with family and friends, or the ceremony can be held privately without guests. Ceremonies can be combined with healing to release blocks, out dated beliefs and to bring in the new. I also hold regular ceremonies to mark the changing times of the year working with the Celtic wheel of the year and honouring the land, as well as shamanic and moon ceremonies.

Hand Fastings/Commitment Ceremonies/ Renewal of Vows

A handfasting is a very old Pagan trial marriage where a couple were married for a year and a day. After that time they either renewed their vows or went their separate ways. Today the ceremony can be offered for a year and a day or forever depending on the vows required. It is not legally recognised in England so some couples attend a registry office to obtain a formal civil certificate whilst others feel the ceremony in front of the elements/God/Goddess and their friends is more important and meaningful. I will assist with the writing of the vows if required and they are normally read by the couple as the ceremony is an expression of the love between the two parties. Rings may be exchanged as a token of the ceremony and the hands can be loosely tied with coloured ribbons and cords. Couples may wish to jump the cauldron or the broomstick which is an ancient tradition. The ceremony takes place within a sacred circle honouring and working with the elements.

End of Life


Beautiful ceremonies created as we remember our loved ones at the end of their life. These can be held at a cremetorium or woodland buriel site.

Scattering of ashes and honouring ceremonies also available. Full funeral planning and service also available


Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is often conducted for babies or children where the family may not have any religious belief or they require a non Christian celebration incorporating their own belief system. It can also be held after a deed poll name change or after separation or divorce (see also cutting the cords). The ceremony can include the appointment of guardians or mentors for the child and include promises, poems and readings from a selection I can provide or write,the choice and options are endless. I will spend time with you and the key people ensuring your requirements are met and i will discuss choices of venues which may include the child's favourite park, the family home or a beach. I will also provide certificates if required.

Mother Blessing

A mother blessing is an alternative to a baby shower. A baby shower often focuses on gifts for the baby but this ceremony changes the focus onto the mum to be and her journey into motherhood. The ceremony is usually held with a group of close friends and family, usually woman, and the focus is to support and empower the mum to be. The ceremony will involve everybody within the group and can involve crafting, story telling, poetry, pampering, giving of gifts and sharing food. This ceremony is personal to your group and can be arranged by the mum or a group of her friends.

Commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows.

These can be offered in a similar format to a hand fasting and can take place after an anniversary, special birthday or significant event. Poems and readings can be incorporated as well as a recalling of special memories and life events. A joyful occassion for a couple or a joyful celebration with family and friends.

Cutting the cords that bind

It is a sad fact that relationships and marriages often end and this can often mean an emotional time. A cutting the cords that bind ceremony can be for cutting the physical cords from a hand fasting or the emotional cords and attachment to each other. This ceremony can be held with one or both parties and will usually include shamanic energy processes to heal and realign the energies. It is a powerful ceremony and allows for the releasing and healing that is required after a separation. It can be combined with a naming ceremony if there is a need to release an old name and bring in the energy of the new name.

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